Friday, October 2, 2009

World Flavors

This site where the old Taco Bell used to be would be a great site for a food court/general education building. The location near the business and architecture schools makes the spaces within it more usable to the students as well. A heated bus stop will be put on the corner of 2nd Ave N and 10th St, just across this site to help students get from their dorms on campus to their classes downtown - especially in the winter.

First Floor:
-Pita restaurant (Pita Pit) - w/drive thru
-Thai restaurant
-Chicken restaurant (KFC) - w/drive thru
-Pizza/Mexican restaurant (Pizza Hut/Qdoba) - Qdoba w/drive thru
-Coffee place (Starbucks) - w/drive thru
-middle eating area blending all restaurants
-internet cafe/lounge area

Second Floor:
-general education classrooms (12)

angle of drive-thru entries

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