Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fargo's Future..

Potential Design Guidelines

· Each site should have a zone of at least 30% green space

· Parking lots hall have illuminated sidewalks

· Each parking space shall be owned

· Set aside truck parking areas

· Shall offer parking lot buffer requirements

· Should offer a parking time limit plan for street parking and perhaps no parking near residential units

· Any lots vacant after demolition shall be paved and landscaped to ensure a dust-free surface

· Landscape buffers may be installed or preserved along lot lines adjacent to any zoned property

· Provide bus stop/wind shelter

· Allow the sense of time to show through for existing architecture while designing with a conscious mind for the future

· Each building shall maintain an understanding of past traditions of building self-sustaining architecture and try to incorporate a few concepts of sustainable architecture and topophilia in each space to encourage a healthy spirit in each place being built

· Determine the material palette for each building according to surrounding context

· Determine the scale for each building according to surrounding context