Thursday, October 22, 2009

Update on World Flavors Site Model...

here is a little update on how the model is coming may change here and there, but I just wanted to let you know how the building form is coming along and how I am dealing with the parking situations..

I will continue to work on developing this site along with the other sites..

the image above displays a skywalk connecting my site to Matt's site...we are still developing our programs in our buildings, and maybe this might be a cool connection for students to use between each project

above is an image that shows the green space I am still developing for the students to socialize...

the last image shows how where I am so far in this process, I am developing a parking garage next to my buildings...and am still working out a few circulation issues throughout the project..

Friday, October 2, 2009

Hulsing and Associates Firm

Here is the block containing the Lightbenders office and the current business of Taco John's. I feel this would be a good location for a design-build firm such as Hulsing and Associates. Aspiring students just still in school for architecture or just getting their degrees would be good candidates here. Also, this building is near a residential neighborhood, so making it a mixed-use building for apartments on the second floor I thought would be a good idea.

First Floor:
Front part "Design":
-design offices
-studios (for interns)
-conference room
-display room
-break room/kitchen
Back part "Build":
-construction company
-SHP Engineering

Second Floor:
-mixed-use apartments
-single-unit and multi-unit
-low income and middle income



World Flavors

This site where the old Taco Bell used to be would be a great site for a food court/general education building. The location near the business and architecture schools makes the spaces within it more usable to the students as well. A heated bus stop will be put on the corner of 2nd Ave N and 10th St, just across this site to help students get from their dorms on campus to their classes downtown - especially in the winter.

First Floor:
-Pita restaurant (Pita Pit) - w/drive thru
-Thai restaurant
-Chicken restaurant (KFC) - w/drive thru
-Pizza/Mexican restaurant (Pizza Hut/Qdoba) - Qdoba w/drive thru
-Coffee place (Starbucks) - w/drive thru
-middle eating area blending all restaurants
-internet cafe/lounge area

Second Floor:
-general education classrooms (12)

angle of drive-thru entries

Music Social

The Union Storage Building has a lot of great space around it that could be used as a concert space for artists passing through the F/M area. It is also sort of a split building that offers different uses and potential for socializing or parking.

First Floor:
The Box Space:
-Indoor Stage
The Social/Learning Space:
-coffee shop

Second Floor:
The Social/Learning Space:
-music classrooms
-recording studios

The Box Space:
The Social/Learning Space:

-stage for outdoor concerts

The Sites

Here is a summary of the sites that I have chosen for my Fall semester project.
  1. 10th St and 4th Ave N : Near site of current Taco John's restaurant and Lightbenders office. I am making this my "Infill" project. I believe it would be a good site for design-build firm that would give opportunities to the architecture students at NDSU. The firm I chose was the one that gave me an opportunity to intern for them my third year - Hulsing and Associates.
  2. 10th St and 2nd Ave N: Site of the former Taco Bell. I chose to make this my "New" site. I would like to see an food court that has international restaurants in it. I am thinking of calling it "World Flavors".
  3. NP Ave and 10th St: Current site of Union Storage Building. I am doing a "Restoration" project on this building. The plan here is to make this building into a Musical Social space that would allow people of all ages to come and either record music, learn how to play instruments, or go to concerts.