Friday, October 2, 2009

The Sites

Here is a summary of the sites that I have chosen for my Fall semester project.
  1. 10th St and 4th Ave N : Near site of current Taco John's restaurant and Lightbenders office. I am making this my "Infill" project. I believe it would be a good site for design-build firm that would give opportunities to the architecture students at NDSU. The firm I chose was the one that gave me an opportunity to intern for them my third year - Hulsing and Associates.
  2. 10th St and 2nd Ave N: Site of the former Taco Bell. I chose to make this my "New" site. I would like to see an food court that has international restaurants in it. I am thinking of calling it "World Flavors".
  3. NP Ave and 10th St: Current site of Union Storage Building. I am doing a "Restoration" project on this building. The plan here is to make this building into a Musical Social space that would allow people of all ages to come and either record music, learn how to play instruments, or go to concerts.

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