Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tour of the Renaissance Zone...

After our tour around the Renaissance Zone, and taking a few pictures, I realize that there are many opportunities for development that cater to the college population (student and faculty).

I am interested in doing a Kevin Lynch study of nodes, paths, and edges of our site. I also have a few international friends that are interested in proposal for the International Market.

Another exciting suggestion for downtown Fargo is the possibility that the Great Northern Railroad might be replaced with a bike trail. There are storage area spaces next to the tracks that have a lot of potential for a possible chain of small shops or a local farmer’s market type.

An important point that Professor Yergens made in class today was the fact that when a new town comes about there is a lot of disdain for the old towns. One wonders what will happen to former paths such as railroad tracks. Some have been revealed under roads. .while there are proposals to tear old tracks out for a newer (perhaps greener) form of transporting oneself.

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